About Shaun Lee

Shaun Lee is a strategic marketing consultant, business coach, and a serial entrepreneur. Having launched many businesses previously, Shaun recognized the importance of having good marketing knowledge and skills as a source of competitive advantage for any business. The business environment today is very much different from the past. Old marketing tactics no longer work in today’s competitive environment.

After attaining the Chartered Marketer status with the Chartered Institute of Marketing (CIM), Shaun decided to use his knowledge and expertise to help other small business owners to improve their marketing techniques. One common problem that Shaun discovered in many small businesses today is the lack of proper marketing planning. This is why Shaun developed his own marketing planning tool to guide small business owners in their marketing planning.

Shaun’s mission is to change the major misconception about marketing, which most people think of it as hard-selling, cold-calls and endless advertisements. The truth is marketing is more than just selling and advertising. Shaun would likened marketing to an elephant, something that is huge and all-encompassing. So depending where you “touch” it, you would probably think that is marketing.

Making sense in sustainability

Triple Bottom Line When most people hear about the word sustainability, they immediately think of sustainable business, i.e. a business that can withstand competitions and can survive or exist forever. Without doubt, that is an important aspect, but sustainability should be multi-faceted and not just about the economic aspect. With the growing concerns of our

To market research or not

Many business people run their businesses with many guesswork, intuition or it could be from friends’ and spouse’s suggestions, etc. This is simply too dangerous. Precious resources (especially money) can be lost because of our unverified guesswork and mistaken gut feel. Wikipedia defines market research as “any organized effort to

To register for GST or not

If a small business can afford, then it is actually better off not to register for GST, and here’s why: Assume a tablet is worth $500, and once it is passed through our Customs, there is a GST of $35. Type of company Implication to company GST registered company It has to pay $535, but

Showrooming and its effects on retail businesses

The word showrooming describes a major problem faced by retailers in recent years. It means that customers are merely browsing at retail outlets (including touching, feeling, or even trying it out), and then going back home to purchase the products online at much cheaper prices. That is, customers treat the retail store as a showroom