Using smartphone technologies to improve your retail business

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Smartphones are dramatically changing the way we live, shop, search, play and connect with the world. The launch of the Apple iPhone in June 2007 gave rise to a revolution in mobile technology – an applications (‘apps’) explosion. These apps are what gave the smartphone diverse functionalities.

Today, smartphones offer many opportunities for the retailers to engage their consumers in order to enhance shopping experience and increase their loyalty. People are also now getting more comfortable and savvy about shopping and buying tangible goods including grocery items on their smartphones.

Below are some ways that retailers can use smartphones to improve their businesses:

1. Using app-based marketing to effectively engage customers;

2. Using location-based marketing to bring real sales;

3. Embracing price comparison services;

4. Using M-commerce to sell more products;

5. Rewarding customer’s loyalty based on shopping history;

6. Giving customers more product information while they are on-to-go.


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