What is reputation management?

Before we discuss what is reputation management, we will discuss what is reputation itself. People have reputations, so do companies. For example, eBay is known for its online auction, Intel is for its computer chips, Xerox is for its copiers, and so on. In fact, the brand ideas for these companies become what they stand for and hence where its reputation lies.

Reputation also depends on its context. For example, Google has its own social networking platform (Google+), however its reputation does not lie in there. Although Samsung makes camera, it is not well-known for its photographic equipment. Reputation captures the effects that brands and images have in stakeholders’ minds. That is, a company may have its own brand, but if the resultant effect of the brand is bad, then its reputation will be hurt.

So back to the question, what is reputation management? It is the process where we develop a master plan that aims to manage its reputation asset (like any other company assets) through measuring, monitoring and regulating a company’s culture, strategy, communications and so on.


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