About Shaun Lee

Shaun Lee is a strategic marketing consultant, business coach, and a serial entrepreneur. Having launched many businesses previously, Shaun recognized the importance of having good marketing knowledge and skills as a source of competitive advantage for any business. The business environment today is very much different from the past. Old marketing tactics no longer work in today’s competitive environment.

After attaining the Chartered Marketer status with the Chartered Institute of Marketing (CIM), Shaun decided to use his knowledge and expertise to help other small business owners to improve their marketing techniques. One common problem that Shaun discovered in many small businesses today is the lack of proper marketing planning. This is why Shaun developed his own marketing planning tool to guide small business owners in their marketing planning.

Shaun’s mission is to change the major misconception about marketing, which most people think of it as hard-selling, cold-calls and endless advertisements. The truth is marketing is more than just selling and advertising. Shaun would likened marketing to an elephant, something that is huge and all-encompassing. So depending where you “touch” it, you would probably think that is marketing.

Many SMEs have no growth strategy: Poll

Companies are busy trying to cut costs and raise productivity TOUGH TIMES Only 7 per cent expect to achieve double-digit growth – the lowest level in the study’s 11-year history. 44 per cent expect no discernible growth, while another

Marketing is a love-hate relationship

Marketing Someone told me that he thinks marketing is about getting people to love him (or rather his brand). I replied saying that is half the story. Puzzled, he asked me to elaborate further. I told him “marketing is essentially about formulating strategies to get people interested in you. However, this interest may come in the

Differences between trainer, mentor, coach and consultant

Many people ask me what are the differences between trainer, mentor, coach and consultant. Indeed, this can be very confusing because these four types of people often will do more than what they are responsible for, perhaps because they are helpful by nature. Otherwise, they will not be doing what they are doing in the

Apple after the late Steve Jobs

iPhone 5 has just been launched, but many people think there is no remarkable change in the new iPhone, nor is it a game-changer, in order to compete against Samsung. Well, it seems that Apple’s current strategy is to slowly roll out the “old” plans of Steve Jobs, rather than to create any game-changing products.

Matching management and leadership skills

When we talk about management skills, it is about ensuring everything is in order, or status quo. In contrast, leadership skills is about the future and is related to organisational change. Essentially, managers use benefits and rewards (such as salary, bonus, promotion, incentives, etc) to motivate employees to work hard and diligently, so as to

New management terms

In recent years, many new management terms (some may call it buzzwords) have surfaced and superseded certain older terms. Like the older term USP (Unique Selling Proposition) is now superseded by Differentiation and Value Proposition. The term management is now superseded by leadership, and so on. Are these important to business owners? Yes they are

What is reputation management?

Before we discuss what is reputation management, we will discuss what is reputation itself. People have reputations, so do companies. For example, eBay is known for its online auction, Intel is for its computer chips, Xerox is for its copiers, and so on. In fact, the brand ideas for these companies become what they stand

Types of corporate branding options

There are many models that can be used to develop a corporate branding strategy, the following is one such model proposed by branding guru Wally Olins. Essentially, there are three basic types of corporate branding options that an organisation can adopt. a. Monolithic strategy is

Using smartphone technologies to improve your retail business

blackberry, android, apple iphone Smartphones are dramatically changing the way we live, shop, search, play and connect with the world. The launch of the Apple iPhone in June 2007 gave rise to a revolution in mobile technology – an applications (‘apps’) explosion. These apps are what gave the smartphone diverse functionalities. Today, smartphones offer many

What is copycat economy?

Cat on copier In today’s world, many products see themselves being copied and commoditized not long after they first appear in the market. Services also faced the same problem of imitation and commoditization. Barriers to entry are extremely low because of the free flow of information on the Internet, and technologies help to make copying much easier. Welcome