Apple after the late Steve Jobs

iPhone 5 has just been launched, but many people think there is no remarkable change in the new iPhone, nor is it a game-changer, in order to compete against Samsung.

Well, it seems that Apple’s current strategy is to slowly roll out the “old” plans of Steve Jobs, rather than to create any game-changing products. That is why we saw iPhone 4s first instead of iPhone 5. There are rumours that Steve Jobs had planned the product roadmap all the way till iPhone 6.

But what about iPhone 7 and beyond? Without a great leader, Apple may have difficulty to come out with another truly revolutionary product that can shake up the industry.

So is Apple dead? Maybe not. It is not hard to tell that Apple is a cult and they do have true believers and faithful fans, all thanks to Steve Jobs. However, it is still important for a company like Apple to constantly innovate and come out with truly game-changing products soon. Let us hope that the next iPhone will be the one phone that will wow the industry again.