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Differences between trainer, mentor, coach and consultant

Many people ask me what are the differences between trainer, mentor, coach and consultant. Indeed, this can be very confusing because these four types of people often will do more than what they are responsible for, perhaps because they are helpful by nature. Otherwise, they will not be doing what they are doing in the

New management terms

In recent years, many new management terms (some may call it buzzwords) have surfaced and superseded certain older terms. Like the older term USP (Unique Selling Proposition) is now superseded by Differentiation and Value Proposition. The term management is now superseded by leadership, and so on. Are these important to business owners? Yes they are

What is reputation management?

Before we discuss what is reputation management, we will discuss what is reputation itself. People have reputations, so do companies. For example, eBay is known for its online auction, Intel is for its computer chips, Xerox is for its copiers, and so on. In fact, the brand ideas for these companies become what they stand

Types of corporate branding options

There are many models that can be used to develop a corporate branding strategy, the following is one such model proposed by branding guru Wally Olins. Essentially, there are three basic types of corporate branding options that an organisation can adopt. a. Monolithic strategy is

What is copycat economy?

Cat on copier In today’s world, many products see themselves being copied and commoditized not long after they first appear in the market. Services also faced the same problem of imitation and commoditization. Barriers to entry are extremely low because of the free flow of information on the Internet, and technologies help to make copying much easier. Welcome

To market research or not

Many business people run their businesses with many guesswork, intuition or it could be from friends’ and spouse’s suggestions, etc. This is simply too dangerous. Precious resources (especially money) can be lost because of our unverified guesswork and mistaken gut feel. Wikipedia defines market research as “any organized effort to

To register for GST or not

If a small business can afford, then it is actually better off not to register for GST, and here’s why: Assume a tablet is worth $500, and once it is passed through our Customs, there is a GST of $35. Type of company Implication to company GST registered company It has to pay $535, but