Marketing is a love-hate relationship


Someone told me that he thinks marketing is about getting people to love him (or rather his brand). I replied saying that is half the story. Puzzled, he asked me to elaborate further.

I told him “marketing is essentially about formulating strategies to get people interested in you. However, this interest may come in the form of a love-hate relationship”. Even more puzzled, he asked why a hate relationship?

I replied “if you can get people to hate you (or your brand), then it means that you must have been doing very well in the market. Just by looking at the number of people hating Microsoft and Apple will tell you that they are doing very well”.

He nodded his head and said “you are right”. I went on further to say “if you are a nobody, then it is not even worthwhile to hate you, isn’t it? Similarly, if you are a nobody, then you cannot expect anyone to love you!”. He exclaimed “yeah man!”.

I continued “Of course, you do not aim to get more people to hate your brand, but to get more people to love it. By loving your brand, you can be assured that these people will choose you over your competitors”.

Feeling enlightened, he thanked me for giving him such an insight.