Matching management and leadership skills

When we talk about management skills, it is about ensuring everything is in order, or status quo. In contrast, leadership skills is about the future and is related to organisational change.

Essentially, managers use benefits and rewards (such as salary, bonus, promotion, incentives, etc) to motivate employees to work hard and diligently, so as to achieve the company’s objectives.

On the other hand, leaders will influence, inspire, intellectually stimulate, and give individualised attention to their employees. Leaders will also create the culture so that employees feel empowered and energized.

Although management and leadership skills are different, most companies require a balance mixture of both skills in order to grow and succeed. A manager cannot be content with status quo and stop growing the company, hence he must lead his employees to think out of the box and be innovative. A leader cannot only be good at inspiring and intellectually stimulating employees, yet has poor management of internal resources. Depending on the current state of the company, different levels of management and leadership skills should be employed.


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