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Marketing is a love-hate relationship

Marketing Someone told me that he thinks marketing is about getting people to love him (or rather his brand). I replied saying that is half the story. Puzzled, he asked me to elaborate further. I told him “marketing is essentially about formulating strategies to get people interested in you. However, this interest may come in the

New management terms

In recent years, many new management terms (some may call it buzzwords) have surfaced and superseded certain older terms. Like the older term USP (Unique Selling Proposition) is now superseded by Differentiation and Value Proposition. The term management is now superseded by leadership, and so on. Are these important to business owners? Yes they are

Making sense in sustainability

Triple Bottom Line When most people hear about the word sustainability, they immediately think of sustainable business, i.e. a business that can withstand competitions and can survive or exist forever. Without doubt, that is an important aspect, but sustainability should be multi-faceted and not just about the economic aspect. With the growing concerns of our